BREXIT and Parcels Into Europe

BREXIT and Parcels Into Europe


The UK left the EU on the 1st January 2021 which basically meant that any trade between the UK and Europe is now handled the same way as the UK and the Rest Of World (or ROW).

So what does that mean for customers in Europe who purchased goods from the UK?

The good news is that you no longer have to pay sales tax in the UK.  All the prices advertised on our website INCLUDE sales tax which at the time of writing is currently 20%.  If you are based outside of the UK, the sales tax is automatically removed at checkout when you select a country in Europe.

How can I check is the sales tax has been removed?

Simply, on a calculator, take the price which is displayed in the shopping cart BEFORE you have logged in and selected your delivery country, and then divide this by 1.2,  This is also known as the net price (net of sales tax).

Is there any sales tax?

Our freight is now handled in the same way as if you were buying something from the US or China.  Duty and tax is now charged to you when the freight enters the destination country, so you do pay sales tax at your local rate at the point of entry.

Are there any problems ordering from the UK now?

The parcel delivery network is slowly coming round to the new processes and procedures required to ship a parcel from the UK into Europe.  Inevitably there were some teething issues at the start with parcel delays due to incorrect or inadequate paperwork, however, as of writing (2nd week in Feb 2021) the parcel delivery network is now getting to grips with the new procedures and parcels are getting through first time now.

Where can I buy?

Our websites and are open right now for you to purchase your spare parts.  If we can get it in a box, we can get it to you.


In summary, there are now no longer any issues ordering from this website and having your delivery land on your doorstep in Europe.  It's the same as it was, however rather than the sales tax being paid in the UK, your purchase is now split into two payments.  Product and Tax.  Product is paid for on this website and the Tax is paid for locally.

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