Registering a Kit Car in Italy


We get a lot of enquiries about registering a kit car in Italy so we made it our missing to find out just exactly what the process is to register a kit car in Italy involves.  Welcome Leo from Cars4Passion, an experienced importer of kit cars into Italy.

He says:

Firstly, it is not possible to register a kit car in Italy from brand new. It must be registered in another EU nation (and, also in these cases, not every car is registrable) and then imported into the country.

So the bad news is you cannot import a brand new car into Italy - it has to be 2nd hand / pre-registered before importing.  This means that only pre-built vehicles can be imported, you can't unfortunately build a car in Italy and then register it locally.

What if the car was built on a donor car from 1998 e.g an RX-5?

If the engine is an Euro3 emission standards (from Mazda Factory) the car must be UK registered before 2006 or have a date on the V5 (manufacture date, previous registration date etc) before 2006.

Please note: it must have more than 6 months and more than 6k kms or the buyer will pay the VAT in Italy.


In Summary

The car registration could be possible if the engine meets the emission based on the year of registration/manufacture of the car. If the car is first reg in 2018, the emission should be Euro6. For a 2004 car, it must be an Euro 3 and so on. This mean at least the engine should meet (from factory) this emission limits.

If the car has or is registered and more than 20yrs old car, the engine must be of the same age or older.

This information has been provided by a customer of ours who is experienced in importing vehicles to Italy. They have done this many times. We ""MK Sportscars"" are not experts in this field and do not know the law or are able to speak the local language. This information is only what we have been told by someone who has done this and is experienced. This is by no means the law of the country, only the first hand experience of a Italian member of the public.

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