Who's in the headlights?


New for 2021, we're featuring a segment on our workshop walk videos called 

""Who's in the headlights""

So what is ""who's in the headlights?""

Each week, we give the opportunity for you to show off your car to the rest of the community.  You're more than welcome to walk around your car, talking about the specifcation of your car.

We've produced a script for you to follow, so you can see what it is we're looking for in this segment.

Introduce your name?

Where are you based?

What is the model of your car?

What is the engine?

How much bhp?

Age of your car?

Any fancy bits

How do you use the car?

Did you build it, factory build or secondhand

Future upgrades

Why do you think you should be in the headlights?


Here’s an example script.

Hi, I’m Neil from Essex. I’ve got an Indy RX-5 Turbo with a Mazda 1.8 mk2 engine.
It’s currently running 220bhp. It made 217 at the wheels on the dyno but I’ve turned the boost down so it’s not quite so highly strung.
It’s a 2019 model even though it’s been registered on an R plate.
It’s got the turbo and wilwood front brakes with the radiator and intercooler combination up the front.
It’s used for the occasional track day but mainly on the road and it goes like a spaceX rocket ship!
It was factory built in 2019 to the spec I think I wanted at the time but now I realise I’m using on the road more so I think it’s time for a windscreen and doors with the roof and I think we might try and get a heater in there to add to the comfort.... watch this space.
I should be in the headlights because I want to show off my pride and joy to everyone on the channel.
I love this car and it makes me laugh every time I drive it.

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