Cycle Wings : Bonding Them To Your Wingstays


1. Once old wings are removed you can begin to line up your new wings
2. I would suggest doing this with the car on the ground, so if you’ve jacked it up to remove the old
cycle wings, now is the time to lower the car.
3. When you have the car sitting at it normal riding height you can start to line up the new cycle wings
and mark the wings with some masking tape. I used the wing brackets as my guide, see the pictures

4. TIP: When you are lining up the brackets measure the bottom of the cycle wing to the ground and
have the wheels on so you can see if it looks right also.
5. Once you have marked the cycle wings, remove them and start to Key the Cycle wing bracket down
to the bare metal and the Carbon Fibre wing. Clean the area with white spirit to remove all dust
and grease.
6. Jack the car up and leave the wheels on for now
7. Use PU18 to glue the cycle wings to the brackets.
8. Now run a line of adhesive along the cycle wing bracket and line up the new cycle wing. Once in
place push down firmly and use duct tape or glass tape to hold the cycle wing to the bracket. I used
duct tape to hold the cycle wing to the wheel.
9. I waited 6+ hours and removed the duct tape and wheels.
10. I used a lamp to look at the bracket and filled in the gaps with the PU18 between the cycle wing
and the bracket, see pictures below. Phase 1 complete


11. Leave for 24 hours before starting phase 2
12. Phase 2 is to use more adhesive and create a bigger contact patch, so the PU18 will now be used to
create a shallower angle from the carbon fibre wing to the bracket. See pictures below



This article was kindly written by Terry P one of our customers.

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