• Hands-On Learning.

    Hours of 'Hands-On Learning' available with the deconstruction of your donor vehicle and reconstruction of your brand new car.

  • Real Life Challenges.

    With the deconstruction of your donor vehicle, you will approach obstacles from weathering of parts and usage of a car from generations ago, preparing you for the real world.

  • Profit To Be Made.

    Once your kit has been assembled and the car registered, the car can be placed up for sale - and you are guaranteed to make a profit in comparison to what you had purchased the kit for.

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How does it work?

There is a 5 stage process to building your own MK.

- Purchase Your Donor Vehicle (Mazda MX-5 NB MK2 or MK2.5)

- Purchase Your Kit From Us

- Disassemble Your Donor Vehicle

- Assemble Your Car and Register After IVA

- Sell The Car To Fund Next Year's Education + Earn Some Profit!

Opportunity to educate more students.

With the entire project, there is plenty of room to involve groups from other courses.

Here is a list of some groups which can easily be involved:

Mechanical Engineering


Graphic Design

Art and Design

Media and Film Production


Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

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What's Included In The Kit?

Square Tube RX-5 Chassis
X Brace Roll Over Bar

Engine & Gearbox
Mazda MX-5 1.8 mk2 NB (1998-2000) 140 bhp *
5 or 6 Speed Gearbox *
Limited Slip Differential *
Trackday Stainless Exhaust Silencer
Mazda MX-5 ECU & Immobiliser

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels
15" Wheels *
Independant Rear Suspension
Protech Single Adjustable Shocks
Mazda Front Brake Calipers *
Mazda Rear Brake Calipers *
2.4 Racing Quick Rack
Adjustable Wishbone Suspension

Exterior Specification
Black or White GRP Bodywork **
Black CSR GRP Front Wheel Arches / Fenders
50mm X Brace Roll Cver Bar (Bolt In)
Vinyl Boot Cover

Interior Specification
Mazda Dashboard Dials *
Black GRP Dashboard
Alloy Interior Panels
Black GRP High Sided Seats
Black Alloy Floor Pan
MK Branded 4 Point Seat Belt Harnesses
Billet Aluminium Brake Bias Pedal Box
Padded Centre Tunnel Top

What's Needed From Your Donor Car?

Mazda MX-5 mk 2 (1998 - 2000),
V5 Vehicle Registration Document
Engine & Auxiliaries, 1800 cc
Exhaust Manifold,
Gear Lever,
Rear Uprights,
Rear Hubs,
Rear Calipers & Disks,
Handbrake Cable,
Handbrake Lever,
Upper & Lower Steering Column complete with all turn signal/wiper and column switch gear
Front Uprights,
Front Hubs,
Front Calipers & Disks,
Wheels & Tyres,
Wiring Loom complete with fuse box and immobiliser,
Instrument Cluster,
Bottom Ball joints & Steering Arms,
Steering Wheel,
Air Flow Meter and Air intake pipe work,
Hazard Light Switch,
Cigarette Lighter,
Fuel Pump,
Fuel Filter,
Fuel Filter Bracket,
Coolant Pipework,
Fog Light Switch and Dashboard Dimmer Switch

Is There A Build Manual For Lessons?


We have a fully comprehensive build manual so that lessons can be followed efficiently and easily kept up with!

Want Optional Extras?

Brake & Fuel Lines

Weather Pack

250BHP Turbo Package

Track Pack

LHD Pack

Padded Seats

Contact Us For Pricing Of Each Add-on!

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