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Do we make LHD Cars and Chassis's?

Yes, we do! We have plenty of cars which have been sent over to the States and other countries as LHD.

Keep in mind only certain models with specific engines are available in LHD. These include Sport 200 (Hayabusa), Sprint 185 (Duratec), RX-5 140 (Mazda BP) and RX-5 250.

What do I need from my donor car?

Depending on which model you need, you can go over to the models section on our website and find the “What’s needed from your donor car?”, with a fully comprehensive list of parts you need to take from your donor.

Do we ship parts internationally?

We do indeed ship internationally!

If you are in Europe you can place your order on line and the shipping is automatically calculated at checkout based on the weight of the parts you have purchased.

If you are outside of Europe, place your order on line as normal, but you will not be charged for shipping just yet. Once the parcel has been packed, our warehouse team will send you a separate invoice for the shipping. Once this has been paid, we will then send your parcel.

Are the cars road legal in Europe?

We are currently working on a certificate of conformity for Europe for the Sprint 185 model which is in our road map to be completed in 2024.

These will all be factory built vehicles due to the CoC required for European registration. Unfortunately we cannot register a home built car in Europe.

The Sprint model is made from all new components and will be available in LHD.

Is it compulsory to buy a donor car?

We do indeed ship internationally!

Can I Use the VVT Variant for an RX-5?

What tyre and wheel size is best for road use?

Are the cars road legal in UK & USA?