Working at MK Sportscars

At MK Sportscars, we pride ourselves on our rich heritage and commitment to excellence in crafting Lotus 7 silhouette style cars. Since our inception, we have upheld the spirit of innovation and driving purity, paying homage to the timeless legacy of Colin Chapman's original lightweight formula.

With a history spanning decades, MK Sportscars has continually refined and elevated our designs, ensuring that each model encapsulates the essence of exhilarating driving experiences.

  • Workshop Technician

    Our workshop technicians are the skilled craftsmen behind every Modern Klassic. They expertly assemble components, conduct meticulous testing, and solve challenges to ensure each vehicle meets our exacting standards. With a passion for precision and a commitment to excellence, they play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life

  • Parts Operative

    As part of our parts department, the Parts Operative at MK Sportscars fulfills online orders and meticulously selects components for our car kits. With attention to detail and efficiency, they ensure each part is accurately processed, contributing to the seamless assembly of our high-performance vehicles

What do we look for in you?

At MK Sportscars, we believe that our success is driven by the talents and dedication of our team members. When considering candidates for positions within our company, we seek individuals who embody our core values and demonstrate the following qualities:

Passion for Driving: We are enthusiasts at heart, and we value team members who share our passion for driving and automotive excellence. Whether you're an engineer, designer, or part of our sales and marketing team, a genuine love for cars and the thrill of the road is essential.

Innovative Thinking: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We seek individuals who are creative problem-solvers, capable of thinking outside the box and contributing fresh ideas to our projects. Your ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-paced environment will be highly valued at MK Sportscars.

Attention to Detail: Crafting high-performance sports cars requires meticulous attention to detail. We look for candidates who take pride in their work and strive for perfection in every task they undertake. Whether you're designing components or assembling vehicles, precision and quality are paramount.

Team Player: Collaboration is key to our success. We seek team players who can effectively communicate, collaborate, and support their colleagues to achieve common goals. Your ability to work harmoniously within a team environment while also being self-motivated and proactive is essential.

Commitment to Excellence: At MK Sportscars, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We seek individuals who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality and performance. Your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement will help drive our company forward.

Adaptability and Growth Mindset: In a rapidly evolving industry, adaptability is crucial. We look for candidates who are eager to learn, grow, and adapt to new challenges and technologies. Your willingness to embrace change and continuously develop your skills will be invaluable to our team.

If you possess these qualities and are eager to join a dynamic team that is shaping the future of sports car manufacturing, we encourage you to explore our current job opportunities and take the first step towards a rewarding career with MK Sportscars.