Want to build a sportscar at home?

Now you can make that a reality with one of our self assembly kit car kits.  The Indy is a constantly evolving product to make it easier for the home builder to build in their very own garage workshop.  WIth new engine choicing coming every few months, and product refinement happening all the time, now it couldn't be easier to build your next sports car. 

When you drive this vehicle, people will stop in the street, point, smile and wave at you.  The shape of this vehicle is very quirky and not your every day run of the mill car people see on the road.  Building this car is your enjoyment, driving it is everyone else's.

Single Donor Vehicle

The RX-5 Range of models use a Mazda MX-5 NB as a donor car, which you strip for parts to then insert into your new build. So with an RX-5 kit and your donor car, you get all the ingredients to make a road and track monster.

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Donor Engine

The Cup and Sport 200 Models require a Donor Suzuki Hayabusa engine, with all other new components.

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Brand New Components

The Sprint 185 is our model which is all new components and nothing to be taken from a donor, with a brand new 2.0 Durapower engine.

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What skills do I need to build one?

Building a car can be a very daunting task - "how can I possibly take all the boxes of bits and turn them into a fully running road registered vehicle?" I hear you cry. 

Not with the MK Indy!  Provided you can use a drill, spanners, screwdriver, socket sets, power file (a.k.a dremel) and a rivet gun, you should be more than equipped to build this vehicle.  There's a step by step manual for you to follow, telephone and video call support from the manufacturer, a facebook groups for enthuiasts and even a what's app group run by super builders.

What about the tools?

The tools required to build this vehicle are your every day ones which, if you're a vehicle nut, then you're more than likely to already have these in your garage.  You'll need a pistol drill, spanners, torque wrench, a socket set, rivet gun, a riv nut gun, some axle stands and a dremel (or powerfile) and that's about it.  The vehicle is an assembly vehicle, so specialist tools like welders, grinders, lathes are simply not required for this assembly of this car.

Is there a Build Manual?

With a fully documented build manual spanning a MASSIVE 4 booklets, the MK Indy build manual covers everything you need to know to get your base model vehicle built to a very high standard.  Some of the more involved items we have documented on our YouTube channel, sometimes it's just easier to watch a video rather than read a book.

What support is available?

MK Sportscars the manufacturer of the MK Indy are on hand throughout the week on the telephone and emails, they are available by video "zoom" calls for on line support to help you build your vehicle.  There is also a facebook group where experienced builders and enthuiasts hang out - they're more than willing to post answers to your problems and help out where they can., and if that's not enough, there is also a "Super Builders What'sapp Group" 

What is the Super Builders Group?

The Superbuilders Facebook group was setup so that builders are able to communicate between themselves to help each other build their cars.  Since this group of individuals have experienced the same thing as each other, why not share the knowledge.  There are loads of tips and tricks on here, and your question will be answered by the right people who have also been on the same path as you.  This group is run by individuals outside of MK Sportscars - they are purely impartial and are simply enthuiasts who want to share their knowledge around the collective.  They also organise track days and meet ups, this is not just a car, it's becoming a way of life.  Once you have placed your order for your kit, you can join up here :Super Builders Facebook Group