AJ30 Engine Transplant


Some info and pics regarding the AJ30 engine fitment.

Engine height is a issue,I've had to make an adapter plate to allow me to bolt a ST200 Mondeo upper inlet manifold onto the AJ30 lower inlet manifold.
The sump still sits below the lower chassis with the inlet manifold a couple of mm's away from the bonnet.

Sump is off a AJ30 X-type Jag,the S-type one has a massive extension on the front which won't fit in the chassis.

The oil filter mount is part of the passenger side engine mount,again it's way too big to fit into a seven type chassis. I've cut it up and welded on AN10 connections and run a remote filter set up.

Standard fuel rail is ECU controlled dead end set up with no return,to simplify that I've welded on AN fittings to both ends of the rail and now use a FPR with a return pipe to the tank.

I've run my exhaust from the drivers side under the sump cut out using oval pipe and joined the two banks together on the pass side exiting via a single silencer.If you run separate exhausts for each bank on both sides of the car you get strange exhaust sounds as you've only got three cylinders together on each side of car!

They need to run a EWP as the engine does not have a built in water pump,standard they run a big pump bolted to the timing chain cover running off the aux belt.

Altenator needs to be mounted on custom brackets due to the steering column in seven type cars.

I've ditched the COP ignition and use a wasted spark coilpack off a Mondeo ST220.

ST200 mondeo flywheel needs the ring gear machined down to 4mm to use as a spacer,then the Jag AJ30 ring gear needs to be removed from the auto plate and fitted onto the ST200 flywheel.

Clutch plate and cover are 240mm V6 mondeo ones,RX8 release bearing.

Mazda6 V6 clutch slave cylinder,with some slight removal of unused head material to clear the pass side head.

Engine mounts I've used some poly ones off Ebay, land rover iirc,which then needed a circa 100mm spacer making to get the right height on the engine.

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