Deluxe Kit From £17,250 + Donor Car and Engine

Built on the solid foundation of the single donor vehcle RX-5, the Indy RX-5 VTEC utilises the running gear from the Mazda / Miata MX-5 donor vehicle, but has our custom adapter plate and flywheel which allows the VTEC engine from a Honda Civic Type R EP3 model to seamlessly fit to the Mazda / Miata gearbox.  Everything else about this model is the same as the RX-5, it's just the 230bhp naturally aspirated 2.0 VTEC engine that revs to 10,000rpm that's different.

The RX-5 VTEC utilises all the Mazda running gear (brakes and uprights) and is powered by a fully programmable ECU.  If you can't make up your mind to have a car or a bike engine, the RX-5 VTEC is certainly a package to consider.  All the theatre of the bike engine, with a mechanical reverse and a little more weight up front.

Designed for both the road and the race track, the RX-5 VTEC is available in a multitude of colours and configurations from road spec with a windscreen and doors, to full track spec with an FIA approved roll cage.

In summary: An inexpensive, lightweight track day/race car with the potential for cruising to the south of France, or taking to the track and setting the fastest of lap times.

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What's Included In The Kit?

Square Tube RX-5 Chassis
X Brace Roll Over Bar

Engine & Gearbox
Honda Civic Type R EP3 2.0 (2003) 230 bhp *
5 or 6 Speed Gearbox *
Limited Slip Differential *
Trackday Stainless Exhaust Silencer

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels
15" Wheels *
Independant Rear Suspension
Protech Single Adjustable Shocks
Mazda Front Brake Calipers *
Mazda Rear Brake Calipers *
2.4 Racing Quick Rack
Adjustable Wishbone Suspension

Exterior Specification
GRP Bodywork **
CSR GRP Front Wheel Arches / Fenders
50mm X Brace Roll Cver Bar (Bolt In)
Vinyl Boot Cover

Interior Specification
Analogue Dashboard Dials *
Black Aluminium Dashboard
Alloy Interior Panels
Black GRP High Sided Seats
Black Alloy Floor Pan
MK Branded 4 Point Seat Belt Harnesses
Billet Aluminium Brake Bias Pedal Box
Padded Centre Tunnel Top

What's Needed From Your Donor Car?

Mazda MX-5 mk 2 (1998 - 2000),
V5 Vehicle Registration Document
Gear Lever,
Rear Uprights,
Rear Hubs,
Rear Calipers & Disks,
Handbrake Cable,
Handbrake Lever,
Upper & Lower Steering Column
Front Uprights,
Front Hubs,
Front Calipers & Disks,
Wheels & Tyres,
Bottom Ball joints & Steering Arms,
Fuel Pump,
Fuel Filter,
Fuel Filter Bracket,