Customer Feedback Review - Mr R


What model did you choose? Mk indy rx5

What was your intended use of the car before you built it? to be used as a road car with the odd

What made you decide on the MK Indy over the competition? I liked the look and build quality

Using the MK car configurator and project calculator tools, how close were you to the budget
when you finished your car? Pretty much ballpark

How was your overall buying experience when dealing with the team at MK (both good or bad)?

My visits were excellent and each time got all the info I needed

What could the guys at MK do to improve the buying experience? Buying experience is fine but as
you know do to being busy sometimes getting missing or additional parts can drag out.

How did you find the build manual? Mostly ok but a few confusing or misleading bits in it

Was the build process how the manual described it? mostly

We’re there any items throughout your build process that we’re a surprise to you and caught you
out? handbrake Cable oddly enough was a pig to get in but its all a learning curve

Was there anything that you feel needs adding / detailing further in the build manual? Sx
bodywork details would be good as would the padded seat fixing

How did the team at MK deal with any technical questions (if any)? Very good

How was the IVA application process? Not too bad

How was the IVA process? Mine was excellent

Now you have a finished vehicle, how do you intend on using it moving forward? Few minor mods
and get out on road and track

Describe your overall experience of buying, building and registering your car. Far easier than id
thought it would be

What could the team at MK do better in the future? If a delay is going to occur or a question asked
on delivery some answer is better than none so even an email to say order is delayed perhaps

Would you recommend MK Sportscars? I would definitely recommend

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