How to make and fit mounting brackets for push button bonnet catches.


How to fit and make mounting brackets

This article is inteded to show you how to make and fit mounting brackets for push button bonnet catches on your MK Indy Bonnet. This article applies to all models Indy Classic, R, RR and RX-5 variants.

Parts Required

1. EXO Racing 32mm Quick release push button bonnet catches. 2 Off.

2. 2mm thick stainless steel sheet.

3. M6 Riv Nuts. – 2 Off

4. M6 Cap Head Screw – 2 Off

5. M6 Form C Washer

6. M6 Shakeproof Washer

Step 1

Decide on the best position for your Push button catches and mounting brackets, ensuring that they do not foul the engine or any other parts within the engine bay. Then mark and drill the hole in your bonnet either side to suit the push button.

I fitted mine 45mm from the front edge and 50mm up from the bottom edge of the bonnet. And drilled the hole using a step drill making sure you mask the area prior to drilling.

Step 2

Make the mounting brackets for the bonnet pins Supplied with the catches.

I made 2 brackets which are a mirror image of each other. One for Nearside N/S and one for the Offside O/S (Drawing for brackets below.)

I cut the profiles of the brackets to the flat pattern on the drawing below. (You can use the same flat pattern for both brackets) using a Hacksaw, Drilled the holes and filed the slot.

I then by using a vice and a nylon mallet and folded the 2 folds to make the bracket, again in line with my drawing below.

(Note. If you mount your push button higher or lower than the 50mm dimension, then adjust the height of the slot in the bracket accordingly)

Step 3

To fit the mounting brackets to the chassis, I first marked the position of the mounting holes on the top chassis rail by fitting the bonnet in position with the nosecone removed and then engaging the pins with the push buttons and fitting brackets to the mounting pins so that the bracket sat flat on the top chassis rail with the rear tab flat against the inside edge of the chassis rail. Ensuring that the mounting pins are perpendicular to the push button catch.

With this held in position you can then mark the hole position in the top chassis rail.

I did this for both sides then removed the bonnets and catches.

To mount my brackets I fitted M6 Riv-Nuts into the top chassis rail. (1 EACH SIDE)

I then fitted my mounting brackets using an M6 Cap Head Screw, A M6 Plain Washer and a M6 Shakeproof washer.

Step 4

Adjusting Catches.

After fitting the Mounting bracket fit the pins but only lightly tighten the nuts. Refit the nosecone and offer up the bonnet checking the pin position for alignment. To achieve the required fit move the pins up or down in the slot then tighten the nuts.

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