MK Sportscars - Cars For Schools Project 2024

MK Sportscars - Cars For Schools Project 2024

The project is an educational initiative by MK Sportscars where the company collaborates with schools to educate students, and bring more eyes to the niche of the reality of mechanics, with building a brand new car as well as deconstructing old production cars. 

These kit cars serve as practical learning tools for mechanical education. Teachers use the cars as a basis for in-depth lessons, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in building a real car while learning about various aspects of mechanics. The unique aspect of the project is its circular economy model - once the cars are built, schools have the option to sell them. The proceeds from these sales are then used to purchase new kits, creating a continuous cycle of learning and building. This initiative aims to make mechanics education more engaging, promote sustainability through a circular economy, and provide ongoing educational opportunities for students.

Why is this more effective than constructing/deconstructing a regular road car?

Within this project, with your kit, you will also need to purchase a Mazda MX-5 (Miata) donor car, to take parts from to put together with your kit to put together and give you the recipe for a complete car.  The use of a Mazda Miata (MX-5) donor car is crucial for providing a realistic and authentic learning experience. This donor car has been on the road, exposing students to the challenges that real mechanics face, such as dealing with rusty bolts and aged components. This hands-on experience with a used car adds a layer of complexity and realism that is essential for preparing students for the practical aspects of a career in automotive mechanics.

Within regular curriculums - Taking apart the same demonstrator car every year and then reconstructing it, is not realistic in a sense that the natural elements of driving a car and leaving it outside cause corrosion on components, and therefore issues when posed with the task to deconstruct, therefore causing incorrect preparation when it comes to graduating college and working in the automotive industry. 

‘The project is a great opportunity for students to learn in a real life situation and ways to resolve issues that they face, and the promotion of sustainability is an even better way to recurrently educate up and coming mechanics,” - Colchester Institute

What happens next?

The school has the option to sell the completed kit car. The proceeds from the sale are then used to purchase another kit, creating a sustainable cycle. This not only provides a source of funding for the school's mechanics program but also allows for the continuous renewal of the educational materials. With the funds obtained from selling the completed car, the school can purchase a new kit to start the process again. This cyclical approach ensures that the mechanics program has a constant supply of materials for hands-on learning, creating a sustainable and self-supporting educational model.

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