Simon Neill - Goodwood 2nd Aug 2022


Had a lot of great comments about the car and if you have any flyers or anything I can give people who are interested then happy to do so… Brighton speed trials next which will be mental but a crack..


Goodwood 13 August - 2nd place !!!


Goodwood sprint 2nd in class and 22nd overall out of 150 cars….


Another good outing at goodwood and my learning goes on…


Hot day to say least and I started with a setup as I finished last time out. Gently does it on the practice run and found myself in 4th too many times and coasting upto corners rather than attacking but turned in a 98 sec as first run.


Mind on the run for first timed run and knew I needed 5th or 6th all way round apart from chicane… and off.. on T1, starts have been good today with 2.2 and 2.3 secs for 64ft times., up into 5th for madgwick and picked a terrible line at that, out and into 6th through foord water and lifted early for no name and took 5th which I held for at Mary’s and into lavant, she’d be better in 6th really as the torque is there, down lavant and could not see much due to sun and clear visor, braking at 100 board and 5th round to chicane, over line at over 95 and ran a 94.4 sec which is a PB for me.


I know where to gain more time braver in madgwick and into no name and possibly 4th for chicane… definitely time to have.


With two timed runs left I persuaded my self into a full boost run and stiffened up the rear shocks along with a now 18psi rear tyre pressure. Suddenly t3 cancelled due to heat so only one more timed run. Oh well I’ll give it a go…


Off line and 1st 2nd gears don’t feel too bad with the power as I short shift, into 3rd, 4th and 5th and I’m at madgwick with a load more speed, coast and come out and quick into 6th back on power for foord water… mid corner she comes on full power and send back sideways at about 120, omg not fun, correct that and tanking down to no name which I bottle early and coast picking 5th which again with the power hike is confusing me with speed and rear traction, messy corners playing catch-up from earlier mishap, up into lavant and the straight where I hang on, clocking 14psi on boost guage and near 130 top speed before hard on brakes and into 5th for double right hander., you ignore first apex and run down outside and in and on power for 2nd which again the full boost power has me in a right pickle with armfuls of oversteer which I correct after hanging the back end out for a while… through chicane and over finish in a 95.5 sec or something…  in all a good time given the terrible driving and the fact that I think moving to 18psi rear and 2 clicks from full hard shocks has promoted oversteer.


I will start Goodwood next time with full boost!! It’s tamable there "

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