What are my Interior trim options on my MK Indy


We have 3 different interior trim options available for the MK Indy (all models).  These are :

Black Embossed Plastic

Carbon Effect ABS Plastic

Carbon Fibre Panel Kit

Each of which have different price points.  We've attached some pictures below to help you make a decision for your dream sportscar.

Black Embossed Plastic - This is the entry level interior finish to the car.  It's a durable material and comes as a flat sheet.  You will also need to finish the edges of the sheet in aluminium trim.  We would recommend getting this powder coated rather than leaving it bare aluminium (as can be seen in the pictures below).

Carbon Effect ABS Plastic - This is more like it !.  It's not than much more expensive than the black plastic sheet and it adds a little more ""finish"" to the interior.  While not the real thing, the carbon effect is a great bang for buck interior finish.  Again, this comes as a flat sheet and will need the edges trimming with aluminium trim for the IVA process, but we think you'll agree this is quite a nice finish for the money.

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