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Dynojet Power Commander 5

Dynojet Power Commander 5

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Introducing Power Commander V

The new Power Commander V is the latest in engine control technology from Dynojet. The PCV is very compact, yet offers expanded features and options, with tremendous control over your engine management system.

- Smaller unit - less than ½ the size of PCIIIusb
- Unit powers up via the USB - no need for 9v battery and adapter
- 2 position map switching as standard - switch not included
- Gear and speed input as standard
- 5v analogue input as standard - boost, temperature, MAP etc
- Enhanced Accelerator pump feature - vastly increased adjustment
- Optional control unit to allow 8 injector mapping
- Operates with Dynojet LCD display and Dynojet quickshifter
- New and improved software suite
- Enhanced Quickshifter control - Adjustable kill time per gear and time between shifts.
- Twin CAN ports for integration and expansion
- OBD On board fault diagnosis
- Improved Mapping Features

PCV allows -100% to +250% fuel adjustment
- User definable map break points, upto 96 x 96 break points (10 Throttle position break points as standard, up from 9 for the PCIIIusb)
- Individual mapping/maps per gear
- Individual mapping/maps per cylinder
- Individual mapping/maps against 5v input
- For example a mapping per cylinder, per gear could result in 24 individual fuel maps
- If you cannot find your engine on the drop down menu please contact us as we can supply these for ALL fuel injected engines.

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