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Wilwood Powerlite Brake Caliper Radial Mount 0.86" rota for Vented Discs (Each)

Wilwood Powerlite Brake Caliper Radial Mount 0.86" rota for Vented Discs (Each)

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Wilwood's Powerlite four piston radial mount caliper starts at 2.26 pounds in weight with a sleek profile, superior strength, lightweight and durable in higher temperature situations. This caliper can be adapted to suit a range of sports, rally and off road applications.

The Powerlite gets it strength from a combination of process and design. Stress-flow forging re-aligns the metals grain structure within the contour of the caliper body. This eliminates the stresses and interruptions to the internal grain structure that occurs when machining a straight block billet. THE FEA generated radial transition design eliminates steps and shoulders in the area between the piston housing body and the caliper bridges. Incorporating a radius in this critical area substantially increases resistance to deflection and caliper separation under load. Wilwood's Powerlite uses 7912 type brake pads that are supported from the top by quick-clip pad retainers, so there is no need for a pad support step in the bottom of the caliper.

This design means an additional clearance for mounting closer to the hub on small wheel and rotor applications. The quick-clips also accomodate easy pad access without caliper removal. Fits Rotor Diameter: 9.45" to 11" (240-289mm) Ideal for wheel sizes 13" - 15" Fits Rotor Width: 0.50" (12.7mm) 0.86" (21.84mm) Equipped with Wilwood's SRS Stainless steel bridge plates - Eliminates bridge wear caused by pad gouging and pad rattle. This design also dampens vibration harmonics that contribute to squeal under braking. Internal fluid passages eliminate the need for external tubes. Four corner bleed screws assure simple and effective air evacuation and allow one caliper to be mounted in one of four positions.

Count Area (in sq.) Type Inlet Thread Size Rotor Width Rotor Diameter (in) Pad Area (in sq.) Pad Volume (cu in) Mounting center (in) Mounting Type Mount Side Material Weight (lbs) 4 2.46 Aluminium 1/8-27 NPT 0.5" 11 5 1.8 5.08 Radial Universal Aluminium 2.8 4 2.46 Aluminium 1/8-27 NPT 0.86" 11 5 1.8 5.08 Lug Universal Aluminium 2.8

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