A Guide To Buying A Mazda MX-5 Donor Car

A Guide To Buying A Mazda MX-5 Donor Car

Welcome back to MK Sportscars and in this video we are showing you things to look out for when you come round to purchasing your very own donor car!

Here is a list of the donor components from the Mazda MK2 or MK2.5 (NB)-

Mazda MX-5 mk 2 (1998 - 2000), V5 Vehicle Registration Document Engine & Auxiliaries, 1800 cc Exhaust Manifold, Gearbox, Gear Lever, Propshaft, Differential, Driveshafts, Rear Uprights, Rear Hubs, Rear Calipers & Disks, Handbrake Cable, Handbrake Lever, Upper & Lower Steering Column complete with all turn signal/wiper and column switch gear Front Uprights, Front Hubs, Front Calipers & Disks, Wheels & Tyres, Wiring Loom complete with fuse box and immobiliser, Instrument Cluster, Bottom Ball joints & Steering Arms, Steering Wheel, Horn, Air Flow Meter and Air intake pipe work, Hazard Light Switch, Cigarette Lighter, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Filter Bracket, Coolant Pipework, Fog Light Switch and Dashboard Dimmer Switch

Summer is on the way, so if you want to purchase a kit to make at home in your garage and build ready-for events this year, call or email us!

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