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Customer Feedback Review:


What model did you choose?

MK Indy RX-5 (Mazda Engine) in Yellow with Black Stripes


What was your intended use of the car before you built it?

99% road, with a track day or two


What made you decide on the MK Indy over the competition?

Supreme customer service, interaction and constant R&D of parts. The overall kit cost is also a lot less than others, with (arguably!) a much better product.


Using the MK car configurator and project calculator tools, how close were you to the budget when you finished your car?

Close enough but spent more than I intended because I wanted more and better parts! But then again, who doesn’t! 


How was your overall buying experience when dealing with the team at MK (both good or bad)?

Absolutely brilliant


What could the guys at MK do to improve the buying experience?

Stock lead times can sometimes be a bit long, but stock levels have increased since I ordered anything with a long lead time


How did you find the build manual?

Really, really helpful and informative, a must for a first time IVA pass, and if followed, a first time pass is easy!


Was the build process how the manual described it?

Yes, about 90% is, the other 10% is common sense


We’re there any items throughout your build process that we’re a surprise to you and caught you out?

Using the original Mazda loom took a tad longer than I anticipated, but the build manual is a godsend for working out whats needed and whats not, and where to route it etc.

Biggest surprise was how easily it went through the IVA!


Was there anything that you feel needs adding / detailing further in the build manual?

There were some parts, but it has already been updated, and continues to be


How did the team at MK deal with any technical questions (if any)?

Very well, always open for a chat on the phone, email or in person (pre-COVID). Everyone is informative, helpful and so easy to talk to. Everyone has an idea or way of doing things which is great to chat about


How was the IVA application process?

WIth MK’s help, very easy


How was the IVA process?

Again, with MK’s help, very easy. Worst bit was the 3 and half month wait for the IVA date, which was due to COVID.

The IVA test came across from previous builders and forums as being a painful process, with grumpy testers and repeated trips to try and get the vehicle passed. In reality, it was painless, and if you follow the manual, a first time pass is very very easy to get!


Now you have a finished vehicle, how do you intend on using it moving forward?

It’ll be used on the road whenever it’s dry enough, and taken on the track a lot more than I first intended.


Describe your overall experience of buying, building and registering your car.

Fun, enjoyable and relatively easy. Would do it again thats for sure!


What could the team at MK do better in the future?

Keep doing what you’re doing! A bigger workshop would be great, but only because it would mean more cars and ideas on the Workshop Walk videos!


Would you recommend MK Sportscars?


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