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Customer Feedback Review:

What model did you choose?
Indy RX5 Black/gold

What was your intended use of the car before you built it?
Road use. But I spoilt my self on the kit car track day so more tracks days than I thought I would.

What made you decide on the MK Indy over the competition?
Down to looks. These cars look good.

Using the MK car configurator and project calculator tools, how close were you to the budget when you finished your car?
I didn’t put a budget on it. I knew how I wanted it look and go like so that’s what I did.

How was your overall buying experience when dealing with the team at MK (both good or bad)?

What could the guys at MK do to improve the buying experience?
I had no issues so I cant answer that. All good.

How did you find the build manual?
Really useful.

Was the build process how the manual described it?

We’re there any items throughout your build process that we’re a surprise to you and caught you out?
I have the roll cage fitted so I fitted my wing mirrors to the same dimensions in the manual. So after I fitted them I got in to check, then the passenger side mirror was obstructed by the cage.

Was there anything that you feel needs adding / detailing further in the build manual?

How did the team at MK deal with any technical questions (if any)?
I dealt mainly over email and the response is quick.

How was the IVA application process?
Easy. Its all in the build manual.

How was the IVA process?
I waited months for my date. Covid and their mistake on the category of my vehicle.

Now you have a finished vehicle, how do you intend on using it moving forward?
Use it as much as possible.

Describe your overall experience of buying, building and registering your car.
Its been a really good experience. I would love to build another. Maybe a busa one next time.

What could the team at MK do better in the future?
Nothing in my opinion.

Would you recommend MK Sportscars?
Yes and already have to loads of people. Cracking car much better than I ever expected.

Any further comments.

Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.

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