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Customer Feedback Review:


What model did you choose? RX5 with the S2000 F20c engine option


What was your intended use of the car before you built it? Mostly road use with as many track days as possible


What made you decide on the MK Indy over the competition? A friend has an old Indy and couldn’t speak highly enough of MK. That and discussions on forums made it the first place I looked at. The time you guys spent with me (a good 3 hours which I really appreciated) made me feel really comfortable and I bought the car then and there. After Sean put his foot down in his S2000 I couldn’t help but throw my wallet at you guys.


Using the MK car configurator and project calculator tools, how close were you to the budget when you finished your car? I ended up being pretty far away from my initial target, however this being my first kit I was very naïve to what is involved and I wanted the best. The prices provided by MK were bang on and the calculator tool was very useful. Considering the car I have built I have got huge value for money through MK with a very high quality product.


How was your overall buying experience when dealing with the team at MK (both good or bad)? Very good.


What could the guys at MK do to improve the buying experience? I can’t think of anything. The time and advice given is what had me sold, and is why I have been recommending to anyone that asks.


How did you find the build manual? Very useful. Made the build process easy and I’ve never done anything like this before.


Was the build process how the manual described it? Yes, exactly.


We’re there any items throughout your build process that we’re a surprise to you and caught you out? No, all straight forward.


Was there anything that you feel needs adding / detailing further in the build manual? It would be good if the manual detailed the type of flares needed for the brake lines and at which end and maybe a couple of photos to show. I found out myself through youtube in the end but I know it’s a regular question for the guys that do the brake lines themselves. Other than that the brake line install is very detailed and very helpful.


How did the team at MK deal with any technical questions (if any)? Quickly and easy. They were always available to help and went above and beyond many times as I had a slightly different build to the rest.


How was the IVA application process? Easy, the manual shows everything needed


How was the IVA process? It was ok. In hind sight I should have just gone to my local centre, rather than travel far in the hopes of getting through first time.


Now you have a finished vehicle, how do you intend on using it moving forward? Road use and track day’s! The “bang for buck” in terms of performance with these cars is second to none. What other car could you spend a bit over £15k and keep up with Mclarens, Ferraris and Porsche on track.


Describe your overall experience of buying, building and registering your car. A pleasure – I’ve learnt so much in building my own and it was really good fun.


What could the team at MK do better in the future? The only niggle is every now and again being short of a couple of rivets, P clips or saddle bushes. In the grand scheme of things would prefer to have spent an extra £50 on a “Miscellaneous fixtures pack” and had way too many of them, rather than be short 2 or 3.


Would you recommend MK Sportscars? 100%



Any further comments. Just a big thanks to all the help and guidance, customer service was above and beyond. And with the build group I’ve made a whole load of friends to now go out and enjoy the car with on track days and road trips. Great MK community, got more than I ever expected.

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