Fitting The Blade Style Aeroscreen to an MK Indy


The idea of the blade aeroscreen being fitted to the MK Indy is that you can interchange this with a windscreen should you or the next owner of your vehicle wish to do so.  If you follow these simple instructions you will be able to fit a windscreen or an aeroscreen to your MK Indy.

The Aeroscreen is designed to sit in front of the lip in the scuttle panel thus using the lip as support of the aero screen at high speed to prevent this from folding back on itself.

Step 1: Measure and mark a horizontal line 67mm from the top edge of the side panel / bottom edge of the scuttle panel (Figure 1 shows the measurement on the UK drivers side)

Step 2: Measure 67mm towards the front of the car if you are fitting the windscreen, or 207mm if you are just fitting the aeroscreen.  (Figure 1 shows the first measurement on the UK drivers side)

Figure 1 

Step 3:  Drill through at 207mm on the scuttle and repeat on the UK passenger side.

Step 4: On the aeroscreen there is a pre-defined hole towards the bottom ear.   In order to utilise the lip in the scuttle, the hole in the aeroscreen to pickup on the 67 x 207 hole in the scuttle should be drilled approx 30mm higher up the aeroscreen. (Shown on Figure 2)

Figure 2 

Step 5:  Repeat step 4 on the passenger side but rather than using an exact measurement, you can ""pull"" the aeroscreen into place and mark through the scuttle panel with a perminant pen on the side edge of the aeroscreen to ensure a tight fit.
** Remember to fit the rubber edge trim to the aeroscreen as this helps with taking up some slack in the mould **

Figure 3 - The completed installation

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