Ford Sierra - Choosing your Rear Brakes


When building a kit car, choosing the correct brakes and associated components can be somewhat of a mine field.  Well, look no further - your rear end 101 starts right here !

The Ford Sierra was made with 2 different style of differential, either the push in shaft (also known as tripod) or the bolt on shaft which is known as the Labro or Lobro depending on which way you want to prodounce it.

The Push In Shafts use 60mm bearing carriers and 28 spline drive flanges.

The Bolt on Shafts use 68mm bearing carriers and 27 spline drive flanges.

Are you following me so far?  Don't be confused with Cosworth 2WD or 4WD, or diesel or just plain old 1.6, the drive shafts are either of the two types mentioned above.

Once you've worked out what drive shafts you have, then you can work out what you need in the way of rear brakes.

Push In Drive Shafts (Tripod)

If you have push in shafts and want to use standard sierra rear calipers with a 240mm disk, you'll need our ""disk brake adapters"".  It's also worth noting that if you have drums on the rear of your MK Indy, you'll need to get the disk brake versions of the rear uprights, and the ""disk brake adapters"" don't fit on the drum uprights.  Also note, if you want to use 13"" wheels, you'll need the 3 coil handbrake springs.

If you want to use wilwood rear brake calipers with your push in shaft drive shafts, then we have a kit for you called ""Wilwood Powerlite Rear Brake Caliper With Handbrake Kit 240mm"".

Bolt On Drive Shafts (Labro)

Now, if you have the bolt on shafts, there are 2 different size of disks; 240mm and 273mm.  The larger of the two is the cosworth version and you cannot use a 13"" wheel with these disks - they're just too big!

If you're happy to use the standard Ford Sierra rear brake calipers, then you'll need to use the standard 68mm cast steel bearing carriers with caliper lugs on them.  Also worth noting that if you're using 13"" wheels, again, you'll need the 3 coil springs on the handbrake - you can probably see a trend here....

If you want to use Wilwood 4 pot rear brake calipers with the hand brake connection, then you'll need our new kit.  This kit consists of aluminium 68mm bearing carriers, the Wilwood caliper brackets, the Wilwood powerlite calipers with the hand brake connection, and a special set of solid or drilled and grooved disks.  Please don't think you can use the standard disks with this kit and they simply won't work.

You also need to turn down your standard drive flanges to 114mm so they fit inside the new disks.

Bolt On Drive Shafts Cosworth (Labro)

Cosworth made some larger disks 273mm which are only suitable for 15"" wheels.  If you want to use these parts, then we do an aluminum bearing carrier called ""Ford Sierra Rear Aluminium Billet Bearing Carrier For Cosworth 2WD Calipers (Pair)""  They are also for 68mm bearings, but the caliper mounting lugs are positioned just a little bit further out to allow for the bigger disk.  It's possible for you to use the standard steel cast bearing carrier if you have it.  All of which will fit the vehicle no problem.


If you have any questions on this, then please drop me an email.  All the parts are available on the website ready for dispatch.

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