Jon Woolfit - Croft 24/06/18

The race series this week I was racing in was the northern sports saloon car championship, Croft was the venue.

Qualifying was tight at the front with only 1 second between 2nd to 8th. Pole was another second faster. Unfortunately I was eighth!


Race 1

Starting eighth I had a good start (as normal for my light mk) being second into the first corner, but the race was red flagged with a three car pile up at tower corner. On the restart I jumped to first into the first corner and was leading on lap 6 till I was black n orange flagged for a loose diffuser at the rear. After pulling into the pits and having it removed I went onto finish sixth.


Race 2

Another good start and leading at the first corner again this time I blocked, diced, elbows out and held on for a out right win.

The video below shows the start of the race and shows the outright performance of the MK Indy 1400 Busa Turbo has compared with other saloon cars.



Race 3

This was a very wet race which is a bit of a leveller for my fast starts. Starting eighth again, I finished 7th. The grip was there it was the visibility that was lost as soon as I closed the gap. 


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