MK Indy Basic Setup



For the IVA, we recommend in inflating the front tyres to 35 psi to increase the self-centering ability of the car.
Tyre pressures for the road should be approximately 20 psi. This is normally set at 18 psi cold to enable for 2 psi
increase when the tyres warm up. This is the same for both 15” and 13” wheels. On the circuit, again, 18 psi when
cold is sufficient. Make sure to check your tyre pressures when the tyres warm up as you may need to deflate
them to 20 psi when hot.


For the road, we recommend 1mm toe-in. This should make the vehicle more stable at higher speed.
For the track, we recommend 1mm tow-out. This should make the vehicle turn in easier and more precise.


For the rear wheels, we recommend 1° camber, while on the front wheels we recommend 2° of camber.


Taking the measurement from the front chassis rail, we recommend 125mm of clearance – this should give you
approx. 75mm of clearance on the sump of the standard Mazda engine.
This is adjusted by winding the shock absorber springs up or down.
As a sense check, (by eye) ensure the wishbones are approximately parallel to the ground.


The rake of the vehicle should be approx. 20 mm and can be measured from the rear chassis rail behind the drivers
and passengers seat respectively.

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