MK Indy RX-5 First Track Day


Wednesday 5th Sept saw MK Sportscars first drive in their Indy RX-5 on the track. Positioned just an hour and 20 mins from the circuit, MK Sportscars had a relatively early start to get to Snetterton race circuit for the Javelin sign on at 7:30.

Before the drivers briefing we took the Indy RX-5 for a noise test. As expected, the static noise test came in at 95db. This car has the standard 140bhp 1.8 Mazda engine coupled to the Universal 6"" Trackday Silencer - so it’s the base model, but perfect noise test results none the less.

With the Javelin track days drivers briefing and the sighting laps complete, we circuit was read for open pit lane. We had the whole day on track from 9:00 until 17:00 so there was no rush to get out on track immediately - the stomach needed filling first so off to Tyrell’s restaurant for a bacon sandwich before we got on the track. This proved the right strategy after a novice driver took his Westfield onto the track, and on his second lap hit the tyres at Richies corner causing considerable damage to his car and the first red flag of the day. Sadly his day was done by 09:30.

It was now our time to experience the RX-5. Tip toeing around the circuit for the first few laps to get the the feel for the car and to warm up the Toyo R888R tyres the back end felt quite light and spongy, so back in the pits to increase the damping on the fully adjustable dampers. Initially, the rear dampers were set half way on 6 clicks.  A quick lay on the floor and 4 more clicks later we stiffened the suspension to 10 clicks.

Back on the circuit again and a few more tip toe laps later to warm the tyres we started to get into the zone.  Up the main straight pulling just over 100mph in 5th (we had a Windscreen fitted). Moving to the left of the circuit as we crossed the start finish line a quick dab on the brakes and a blip of the throttle as we down shifted to 4th ready for the double apex of Richies. Back on the gas again down the straight, hard on the brakes, and a blip of the throttle again into 3rd for the Wilson hairpin. Back on the gas again, shift into 4th and half throttle for the Palmer corner then full throttle. Another blip of the throttle and hard on the brakes into 3rd for the Agostini hairpin. Back on the gas again and upshift to 4th for Hamilton as the car held the apex and bobbed down perfectly. Blipping the throttle and down shifting to 3rd again for the Oggies hairpin, back hard on the gas staying in 3rd for Williams.

Bentley straight saw us hitting 115 braking hard under the bridge into 4th for Brundle then downshifting into 3rd for Nelson. Hard on the gas again into 4th for the Bomb Hole where the back went light on the exit and hopped across the track - we were flying! Staying in 4th around the sweeping right hander of Coram the car was dancing across the circuit. Unfortunately, the wing off side mirror was in the way of the apex viewing point so found myself having to duck down beneath the mirror to see what we were aiming for.

We were hard on the brakes again and a downshift to 3rd for Murrays when the car was straight so not to lock the rear wheels and put us into a spin. Hard on the gas again upshifting up the main straight we fly pass the onlookers on the pit wall touching close to 80 mph ready for another hot lap.

The car really turns in well, it’s very well balanced and doesn’t understeer or squeal the tyres. Despite being on the budget radiator the car was quite happy being revved to 6500 rpm without any over heating problems. While the red line on the Mazda 1.8 engine is 7000 there seemed no point in trying to kill the car on its first outing so we were short shifting through the gears.

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