MK Indy RX-5 Wheel Offset Explained


There are several different wheel options for the Indy RX-5 Mazda based car.  These are either 15"" wheels or 13"" wheels.

The car has been designed to have 7x 15 ET35 with a 195 x 50 R 15 Toyo R888R tyre on the standard 285 width rear wheel arches.  

Depending on which size brake disks you have on your donor car, It is also possible to that 7x 13 ET35 wheels will also clear the standard Mazda brakes.  If your donor car has 240mm Rear Disks and 257mm Front Disks with standard calipers, the 7x 13 ET35 Team Dynamics wheels will fit ok.  We recommend Toyo R888R 185 x 60 R13 for the front wheels and  Toyo R888R 205 x 60 R13 for the rear.

All of the above wheels will fit nicely beleath the standard 285mm rear wheel arches.  Obviously, the front wheel arches can be adjusted to suit the exact offset of the car.

If a larger width rear wheel is desired, then it is possible with the use of the wider 345mm rear wheel arches - the following size wheels will fit nicely beneath the wider rear wheel arches filling the arches so the tyres come to the edge.

7x 13 ET -5
8x 13 ET 10
9x 13 ET 20

Because some of these sizes are not available off the shelf (unless you look at split rims) which can be very expensive, it is possible to achieve the same results (i.e. the wheels fill the arches) by using a spacer.

For example;

8x 13 ET 20 + a 10mm spacer and longer wheel studs (Compomotive CXR) will achieve the correct offset and coupled with a 205 x 60 R13 Toyo R888R tyre will be perfect.

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