Pre Trackday Vehicle Maintanance


Before taking your car on the track, due to the excessive stress and strains on the vehicle while on the circuit, we recommend you use the following maintainance to prevent you being the cause of a red flag.

- Check all the wishbone and suspension bolts - use a white marker pen to confirm you have checked this particular bolt.  You can also use the marker pen line as a visual check to see if your bolt has come loose or not.

- Check brake caliper bolts.

- Check hub carrier bolts

- Torque your wheel nuts - recommended 74 Nm

- Check your oil level

- Tyre pressure - 20psi

- Check for any fluid leaks on the floor beneath your vehicle.

- Ensure full oil change the sooner of 3 or 4 track days or yearly.

- Check the front wheel bearings for wear.

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