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MK Sportscars – Pub Quiz

Round 1 – MK Indy

1. What was unique about the rear suspension that gave the Indy it’s name?
2. What is the main difference in the chassis between the Indy R and the Indy RR?
3. What is the difference in the front suspension between the Indy Classic and the Indy R?
4. What is the main donor car typically used on the Indy Classic?
5. What is the main donor car typically used on the Indy RX-5?
6. What is the name of the bushes which hold on the wishbones to the chassis on an Indy Classic and Indy R?
7. What is the material that the MK Indy bodywork is made from?
8. What is the suggested spring poundage for the front shocks on a car engine car?
9. What does BEC stand for?
10. What does RR stand for?

Round 2 – Tracks & Shows

1. On a wet sump track car, what should be fitted in the sump to prevent oil surge?
2. What UK circuit has the famous Craner Curves?
3. In what county is the Brand Hatch race circuit?
4. What is the name of the race series run by the Classic and Sports Car Club for seven style vehicles only?
5. Racing tyres with no tread are typically called what tyres?
6. What is the name of the circuit in Lincolnshire which is a converted world war 2 airfield?
7. What is the name of the Kit Car Show typically held on the first bank holiday weekend in May?
8. What is the name of the section of track at Cadwell park where you are most likely to get airborne if you are pushing hard enough?
9. What is unique about Corum Bends at Snetterton circuit when doing a trackday?
10. Which circuit in the UK typically run clockwise track days?

Round 3 - Legal

1. What does IVA stand for?
2. In the IVA test you need to cover sharp edges with rubber, what is this part of the test called?
3. What is the price of the IVA test for an Amateur built vehicle?
4. What is the price of the IVA retest?
5. How much is a year of road tax on a 1000cc Bike Engine Car?
6. What is the name of the marking no a tyre to confirm it is road legal?
7. Is it legal to drive a car on the road without a helmet if you don’t have a windscreen?

Round 4 - Technical

1. On a bike engine car, what is the name of the plug in product which is used to adjust the air fuel ratio?
2. What is the thread used on Wilwood calipers for the braided hoses?
3. What is the thread on the bolts used for mounting seat belts?
4. What is the diameter of the standard Ford Sierra rear brake disks?
5. The bolt on Ford Sierra drive shafts are also called as what?
6. On an RX-5 with standard rear wheel arches, what is the correct wheel offset?
7. How long is an Indy Wishbone Bolt that bolts the wishbone to the chassis?

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