Sierra 2 Escort Steering Rack Conversion on a MK Indy Classic


Due to the diffuculties in 2020 of finding a Ford Sierra steering rack which was used on the MK Indy R and Classic for many years, we have now developed a Ford Sierra to Escort steering rack conversion plate.  We're able to get the Ford Escort steering racks brand new now.

The conversion if fairly straight forward, however the steering knuckle on the new rack is in a different place to that on the old Sierra rack, so the steering link bar will need to be shorterned by approx 25mm.

One of our customers in the Netherlands required a new steering rack after having a minor altercation with the tyre wall, and they sent us in some pictures of the Sierra to Escort conversion they did on their car.  They decided to increase the rack height slightly as this suited their driving style - this is why there are some spacers beneath the conversion plate.


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