Simon Neill - Goodward Sprint Aug 7th

Simon Neill - Goodward Sprint Aug 7th


Class win and 6 secs off best time

Second time back at Goodwood this year in the Indy R GSXR and faced with dreadful wet start again. Following on from lydden last month I’ve done nothing to the car other than check tyres were 14 and 15 psi front / rear. I then also just did the normal bolt check.

I was car number 1 and I was first out on a wet Goodwood with dry tyres!! oMG slippery as a slippery thingy.. gingerly going round in 5th and 6th mainly and not liking it one bit. Went round in 132 sec which compared to earlier in the year where I got two wet runs and 2 dry I ended on 108.

Rain stopped and sun almost out and track dryish with a couple of corners very damp. 1st out, fluffed start and wheel spin through 1/2/3 gears and into 4th for first double right and taking 5th on exit and carried on down through Ford water and braked for no name and 4th for st Mary’s , 5th then back to 4th for last 2 corners very slippy here… before lavant straight taking 5th before exit and down the straight in 6th before kink, on limiter at 120 down straight, sat there watching 117-120, 117-120 last two right handers, 4th gear and into chicane which I came out all sideways! Gathered and hit finish…. Time was a 106. 2 secs up on earlier in year.,

I knew there was time to be had by taking Fifth before first double right hander and staying in sixth for the run down into st Mary’s and holding fifth for the last two rights before lavant straight… I talk a good brave run mind you….

2nd timed run the track was pretty much dry. Off the line dreadful start again but quickly up into 5th before first double right hander, stay out wide and in half way, second apex comes up and pretty much nailed it into 6th flat out run down to ‘no name’ right hander where I bottled and down to 5th and stayed 5th into st Mary’s and through double right handers before lavant straight, 6th early and then waiting for last 2 right handers and loved the noise she making today! Absolutely on song… into 5th and attack first right hander, steady throttle and picked up power early running out onto kerb of shell corner and focus on chicane… down to 2nd and in/out again dreadful choice of gear, 3rd would be better but grabbed her before losing control of back end and dash for finish…. Got out of the car and felt drained but thrilled with the feedback and confidence she gave.. the time was a 102.7 which is 6 seconds better than I managed in April.. thrilled with that, class win too.

3rd runs cancelled due to rain… there is more time to be had for me… I’m not braking enough or rather I’m backing off early and not waiting and breaking harder, I also need to sort my starts out and just gain more confidence along with taking chicane in 3rd. Easily get sub 100 secs.

Still, my times placed me 40 out of 110 and beat quite a few caterhams, all the Aston martin owners club cars and a load of others but just thrilled that I’d taken 6 secs off… took 4 secs off between timed 1 and 2.

I have not had the car set up properly so that’s on the cards over winter and MK will be my choice if they have space!! With her dialled in and my confidence then I should improve a load more…

Watergate bay sprint next month and Goodwood in October, should be fun and I’m actually lying 2nd in Championship too..

Oh what fun and learning as I go. Just would like car handling setting up!

Thanks MK, great product!



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