Steve Riley - Donnington 15/09/2018


This weekend saw me and Richard Webb of RLM RACING at Donnington park. It’s always nice to see if the setup on my car is working and we are developing. so I asked Rich to compete in the open series of cscc on the national circuit. This is a open class race for all our series to enter. I myself entered into the mag sevens race which race on the gp circuit the day after.

Typically I said to Richard in our assembly area session “go out spend a few laps getting used to the car and then go for a fast lap when your ready”!! I then dis appeared to do his pitt board.

On his first lap he set a time of 1.15.03 giving him a position of first!! I guess the car was good then! Haha
He ended the session with a 1.14.03 giving him p2 starting position splitting the boss racing caterhams. When he came in I said “guess it handles ok then” to which he says -nope to much rear end grip, steering wheel and clutch pedals too high, flat shifter isn’t quick enough and on the brakes I cannot Predict the chassis !!! I bet my face was a bloody picture.

Me and Steve own set too work sorting out the above. Took bump off the front dampers, moved the steering column and clutch pedal, lowered the tyre pressures and changed the cut time on the flat-shifter.
Here’s the link to the video for what happened next..

After coming home
In P2 in the race I said how’s the car now??
He replied “better much better but it still has a lot more
Potential if we can stop it running off the track when I’m exiting a corner” the car needs more Front end grip! If you can find it then there is another second a lap if not more there.

I was stoked for him, but most importantly it gave me a Bench mark to aim for and some great info for the development of my car.

The story continues..

 What Richard Webb's full 45 minute race right here:

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