Steve Riley - Driver Profile


Steve Riley - Currently racing in Classic and Sports Car Club (CSCC) Magnificent Sevens with car 86 Mk Indy. Powered by a RLM racing 1585 280hp hayabusa engine. Our grids are quite large, in some instances over 30 cars of all seven types inc Mk, Westfield, raw, Caterham with various power classes 145 bhp all the way to 300+ competing.

We race on most of the MSV and well known circuits through-out the uk. With a trip to spa and Magna cour this year also on the calendar. It is widely regarded to have some of the fastest sevens in this series with lap times sometimes being close to that of a touring car. 

Further information on the Mag 7's can be found here : CSCC Magnificent Sevens

The race meeting calendar can be found here : Race Meeting Calendar

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