Steve Riley - Oulton Park 2/6/2018


Last time out for me seen us at the great Oulton park circuit. Qualifying was in the wet. with a 2:02 lap that was good enough to put me in 6th on the grid. For various reasons my car is always good in the wet against the most powerful caterham’s it does hold its own. Pole was set at 1:59 by Tim davis. 

The start of the race was dry and tricky into turn one, dropping 3 places to make sure I survived the mayhem. There is absolutely nothing in the world that prepares you for the rush you get on that grid looking into turn one. 

After that I settled into a rhythm trying to maintain a consistent 1:50 lap time to keep me somewhere in the top 10 cars. After a few laps I had got myself back up to p7. With us catching the back markers fast and trying to maintain position I had a bit of a scary moment where a novice racer was too busy watching me in his mirrors than the road ahead. The subsequent result of this was him leaving the very fast druids bend in a rush nearly collecting me with him! I didn’t think a lot of it at the time but on watching the video footage after it was mighty close we didn’t touch. 


I went on to hold onto p7 and bring the car home in one piece collecting 2nd in class with only 2 tenths between mine and the class winners fastest lap. The car was faultless all race bar me loosing my rear diffuser when running the curb out of turn 2 trying to pass traffic. 


Next up

Is my home race at Donnington park. With new rubber fitted and a slightly different setup I’m feeling optimistic. 

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