Suzuki Hayabusa Wheel and Tyre Combinations For Top Speed


13's or 15's?

Deciding which wheel sizes and tyres combinations to fit on your new sports car can sometimes be a challenge.  For the track, the 13"" wheels give the best performance and handling, while on the road the 15"" wheels give the most ground clearance to keep your sump safe.

So what's the best combination to choose?

We've put together the ideal Suzuki Hayabusa wheel and tyre combinations so you have the information to make the right decision based on a maximum rpm of 10,800.

Ford Based : The Ford based kits (Indy R and Indy RR) are able to use either 3.38 or 3.14 differential ratios.

3.38 differential ratio - 205/60 R13 on a 13 x 8J Compomotive CXR wheel - Top Speed 127mph


Mazda Based : The Mazda based kits (Indy RX-5 MC) are able to use the 3.3 ratio crown wheel and pinion.  Mazda also do a 3.6 ratio differential.

3.3 differential ratio - 235/50 R15 on a 15 x 8J Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 - Top Speed 140mph

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