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Electronic Gauge Wizard mk4 (Fuel, Temperature, Petrol, Diesel)

Electronic Gauge Wizard mk4 (Fuel, Temperature, Petrol, Diesel)

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Electronic gauge wizard matches senders to gauges. If your gauge is not compatible with your sender, the gauge wizard allows you to calibrate them to make them compatible.

Can compensate for reverse gauge i.e. reading low or reading high.

Suitable when you have a bottom mounted fuel sender mounted in the top of your tank and vica versa.

The Gauge Wizard MK4 is a gauge matching device capable of matching virtually any resistive sender to any gauge designed for resistive senders. It features a two stage warning output that can be used to indicate low fuel (steady first, then flash) or over temperature. Calibration allows for a 5 point adjustment of the gauge output which will cover all linearity mismatches caused by oddly shaped tanks, weirdly wound senders, ancient thermal gauges

Please Note: Suitable for negative earth vehicles only

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