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Suzuki Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit

Suzuki Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit

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Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit. We recommend fitting these to all Hayabusa engines. It gives you a better oil pressure on the road or track,eliminates oil serge which could cause engine failure.

- Dry Sump Pan
- Scavenge Pump
- Sump Gasket

Please note: All couplings/fittings are loose & require tightening before use; also ensure that all components are clean before use.

We suggest the use of an oil tank with the ability to hold at least 5litres of oil.

The depth of the dry sump pan is 31mm.

Busa Dry Sump Bolts Included in Kit:

M6 x 40 x 11off
M6 x 25 x 3off

Sump Scavenge Flange
M6 x 35 x 2off

Oil Pick Up Flange
M6 x 16 x 2off

Oil Cooler Blank (fitted to Block)
M6 x 16 x 2off

M6 x 20 x 1off
M6 x 35 x 1off

Oil Relief Valve
M6 x 20 button heads x 2off

The Cometic gasket GSK-SUZ-H-SMP is included in the kit.

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