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Laminova Oil Cooler 250mm Core -10 JIC Oil 28mm Coolant

Laminova Oil Cooler 250mm Core -10 JIC Oil 28mm Coolant

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Laminova oil coolers are more efficient than the competition due to the unique patented core design. The finned exterior on the cooler core creates a larger surface area compared to that of traditional “radiator” style coolers. 

This Laminova heat exchanger has M28 coolant fittings and JIC -10 oil fittings

Laminova heat exchangers provide outstanding engine and transmission oil temperature control in the most severe conditions. From high performance racing cars to Paris-Dakar rally cars, you can rely on Laminova.

Flexible mounting
Laminova coolers can be mounted virtually anywhere. Traditional radiator style coolers must be exposed to airflow, risking damage. The radiator cooler also sometimes blocks the precious radiator airflow and increases aerodynamic restrictions.

”Bullet proof"
The unique one-piece extruded housing is ”bullet proof”, eliminating the risk of leakage, rupture and fire.

Efficient design
The efficient design makes cooling core inspection easy with removable end caps. The solderless O-ring design ensures leak-free operation. The cooler core can be quickly removed for easy cleaning.

Reduced ”warm up” time
The coolers also provide a heater function using the cooling water to heat the oil faster to correct operating temperature. No oil thermostat is needed. This will help increase the life of engines and transmissions.


Overall single core - 316mm

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