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Mazda MX-5 (00-05) Front Mintex Brake Pads MDB2248 (Pair)

Mazda MX-5 (00-05) Front Mintex Brake Pads MDB2248 (Pair)

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The Mintex brand has been trusted since 1908 here in the UK and is well known throughout the UK for quality and reliability.

Supplied as axle sets, the box will contain the pads needed to replace either your front or rear pads for both wheels, some kits will also include caliper bolts and shims.

When fitting new brake pads it is advisable to use the Mintex Ceratec lubricant instead of copper grease as Cetatec is more suitable for high temperatures and doesn't contain metallic particles making it safe to use with ABS systems.

These pads are standard road Compound


These are suitable for 270mm front discs Mx5 mk2.5

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