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Mazda MX-5 / Miata 33 Litre Fuel Tank - Indy R

Mazda MX-5 / Miata 33 Litre Fuel Tank - Indy R

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The aluminium Fully baffled petrol tank will hold 33ltr of fuel as standard.

All car engine Tanks come supplied with a Swirl pot on the bottom of the tank complete with the Mazda Miata / MX-5 adapter plate for the MX-5 Fuel Pump.

Fuel filler neck is angled towards the rear of the vehicle for ease of filling the tank.

Tank also comes with outloets for 8mm breather vent,

Dimensions of the tank can be found in one of the additional images

A = 670 mm
B = 120 mm
C = 275mm
D = 170mm
E = 225mm

This size tank will fit the MK Indy with a roll cage and allow you to remove the tank while the cage is still in the car. Works with weld in cages

The 33 litre tank is based on having a swirl pot on the bottom for car engine variants.

Please Note: Products are made to order and lead times are 14 to 21 working days,

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