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Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5 NB 1.8 Inlet Manifold Gasket

Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5 NB 1.8 Inlet Manifold Gasket

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Genuine Mazda replacement inlet manifold gasket.

Fits all Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5 1.8 models, 1998>2005

The intake manifold gasket can wear down and experience leaks or gaps in the seal. The gasket could be broken down by exposure to heat or chemicals like coolant that have direct contact with the manifold. There are several ways to tell that you have a bad intake manifold gasket. The first would be a noticeable leak of coolant or other fluids which may result in visible spots on the ground or white smoke originating from under the hood. Another indicator is a loss of performance, especially during acceleration. It's common to also hear a sucking or vacuum noise while accelerating when there is a bad gasket on your intake manifold. Finally, pay attention for the smell of excess emissions or burnt coolant near your engine compartment.

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