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MK Indy Vehicle Wiring Loom Chassis Harness

MK Indy Vehicle Wiring Loom Chassis Harness

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Complete Wiring Loom With Relays designed specifically for the MK Indy

This is a vehicle wiring loom and will connect to either analogue gauges or digital dashboard.

This wiring loom supports both the Savage Aluminium switches or standard toggle switches

The loom also supports bike engines and car engines and is wired to include wipers, immobilizer, heater, bike engine reverse

The loom supports alternators on either side of the engine without having to splice into the harness

Suitable for LHD and RHD applications

The Main Loom contains the Dash Loom which is made up of 6 seperate branches, which allows the dash to be wired up away from the vehicle,

These branches are: -


Warning Lights

Switches Dials and Gauges

Wash / Wipe

Hazard / Indicators

comes with super seal connectors and braided wire protection,

This wiring loom also has a wiring diagram that you can download from here.

These are made to order please allow 30 working days to manufacture,

Please Note: Image is a stock image an may differ from your actual wiring loom

Please also note : This product DOES NOT come with a relay for the indicators as we don't know if you require an LED or standard bulbs. Please add this additionally when checking out.

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