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Universal 33 Litre Fuel Tank - Indy R

Universal 33 Litre Fuel Tank - Indy R

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The aluminium Fully baffled petrol tank will hold 33ltr of fuel as standard.
The tank brackets are a 25mm strip of aluminium to be bent around the tank and fitted directly to your MK Indy R and RR and RX-5 chassis.
If you have a bike engine we weld a fuel pump boss on the bottom of the tank to accept the standard motorbike fuel pump.
All car engine Tanks come supplied with a Swirl pot on the bottom of the tank complete with 1 outlet,
We weld on as standard fuel filler neck, fuel return and breather vent,

Dimensions of the tank can be found in one of the additional images

A = 670 mm
B = 120 mm
C = 275mm
D = 170mm
E = 225mm

This size tank will fit the MK Indy with a roll cage and allow you to remove the tank while the cage is still in the car. Works with weld in cages

The 33 litre tank is based on having a swirl pot on the bottom for car engine variants, for a bike engine pump welded into the base youthe tank will be 32 litre capacity,

Please Note: Products are made to order and lead times are 14 to 21 working days,
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