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Vertex Fully Sealed Bike Engine 12v Battery

Vertex Fully Sealed Bike Engine 12v Battery

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Vertex fully sealed 12v battery

12 Volt 18AH 270 CCA Vertex Fully Sealed Maintenance Free Power Battery Motor Cycle Engine
Fully Sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery Replacement For Cross Reference Part Numbers CTX20L-BS CTX20HL-BS YTX20L-BS YTX20HL-BS YUAM320BS 518901026 ETX20L-BS 65989-90B 65989-97A 65989-97C YUAM620BH GTX20L-BS

Dimensions L:175mm x H:150mm x W:88mm

Only ever use a Charger Suitable for these Batteries. We advise charging for at least three to six hours before use. Vertex AGM batteries have a very low internal resistance, are capable to deliver high currents on demand and offer up to twice as long service life, even when deep-cycled. Vertex batteries are maintenance free, provide good electrical reliability, vibration resistant and lighter than the conventional lead-acid type. They stand up well to low temperatures and have a low self-discharge. Charge that is up to five times faster than the conventional version. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) refers to a specific type of SLA / VRLA (Sealed Lead Acid or Valve Regulated Lead Acid) where the electrolyte is absorbed into separators between the plates consisting of sponge like glass mat fibres. These glass mat fibres do not absorb the electrolyte, but simply hold the electrolyte preventing it from spilling when the battery is tipped over.

Vertex AGM is the preferred battery for high powered motorcycles and other power sport vehicles. Being fully sealed, AGM reduces acid spilling in an accident, lowers the weight for the same performance and allows installation at odd angles. Higher cranking power and longer service life compared to conventional batteries and spill-proof which enables shipment without hazardous material restrictions.

Why choose a Vertex AGM battery ?

Higher cranking CCA & AH power
Maintenance free
High specific power, low internal resistance, responsive to load
Ideal for vehicles equipped with lots of electronics
No spillage allows installation at odd angles
Up to 5 times faster charge time than with conventional technology
Better cycle life than with conventional systems
Vibration resistance due to glass mat fibre construction
Stands up well to cold temperature without freezing
Less prone to sulphating if not regularly topping charge
Less concern about ventilation when charging
Has less electrolyte and lead than the conventional version
Slower discharge in storage
Superior construction
Made in China, same as the well known Yuasa & Motobatt batteries

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