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With the underpinnings of the standard Indy RX-5 140 comes the forced unduction variant aptly named the RX-5 250.  While both versions share many similarities, there are some key differences between the two that set them apart.  Using the reliable TD04 turbo from a Subaru Imprezza, the RX-5 250 is a bolt on upgrade from the base RX-5 model.  This is a proven upgrade path for your standard RX-5 140, which can be done either at build time when you're configuring your kit, or in a year or so time once you've gotten used to driving the RX-5 140. Our mission was to enhance the power in the Mazda NB 1.8 engine in the most efficient way possible to keep the cost of this model low, while not compromising the excellent road holding and characteristics of the entry model in the RX-5 range.

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