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MK Indy Rear Panel SX Fibreglass GRP

MK Indy Rear Panel SX Fibreglass GRP

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MK Indy SX Rear Tub Panel made from Fibreglass GRP

The SX bodywork differs slightly from the classic bodywork where the rear wheel arches are attached to the rear tub and side panel. While the same in shape at the rear, the SX bodywork benefits from the flanges to line up the rear wheel arches. There are also flanges between the rear tub and side panels to allow for a more linear fitment between the rear panel and the side panels

This rear tub is not compatible with the Indy Classic side panels, so please ensure you have the correct bodywork selected

**Please note due to the size of this product we are unable to ship via courier so are collection ONLY**

Please contact us for details.

This product will fit all models of Inboard front suspension MK Indy; Indy R, Indy RR, Indy RX-5, Indy RX-5 MC and Indy RX-5 RR

All of our products are handmade by hand. As a result of this process, minor changes as well as slight, hardly detectable irregularities (distortions / bulges in the fabric, minor scratches, etc.) can occur from part to part.

We understand that you, as an enthusiastic enthusiast, buy our products as you admire the uniqueness of every handmade product we sell. At the same time, however, it is very important to us that this is properly understood, since every single piece is handmade. Details are not as flawless as machine-made and discrepancies in design might also occur.

**This Product Is made to order, Manufacturing times for these are 21-28 working days**

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