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Universal Aluminium Fuel Swirl Pot Tank 1.5L

Universal Aluminium Fuel Swirl Pot Tank 1.5L

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Universal aluminium fuel tank swirl pot is used in a vehicle to prevent fuel starvation around the track.

This swirl tank is mirror polished aluminium and can hold 1.5 litres of fuel.

The configuration of this tank is to feed the tank with a low pressure fuel pump from the main fuel tank, and then feed the engine with a high pressure fuel pump from the swirl pot.  Return the main high pressure fuel rail back into the swirl pot, overflow the swirl pot back into the main fuel tank.

Additional pictures show how to configure the fuel system.

- 175mm - Cylinder Height
- 135mm x 135mm - Base (with 4 bolt holes for easy mounting)
- 13mm - Feed Pipe x 1 (with flared connector for better sealing of hose)
- 8mm - Pipes x 3 Breather/Return etc (also with flared connectors)

Please note: this tank is universal so some modification maybe required to fit your vehicle.

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